What is Flutter? Why You Should Learn it in 2021?

Viral Vaghela
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What is Flutter?

Why should you learn flutter ?

From where you can learn flutter ? ( Free & Paid resources)

1.What is flutter?

Flutter is a UI Development Open Source Toolkit developed by Google.

It is used to develop applications for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, Google Fuchsia, and the web from a single codebase.

Flutter is written in C, C++, and Dart.

Programming Language

Flutter helps app developers build cross-platform apps faster by using a single programming language called Dart.it was introduced by Google in 2011and is rarely used by developers. Dart is easy to understand and if you know java or JavaScript then learning dart is a very easy task.

The Dart framework uses the Skia C++ engine which has all the protocols, compositions, and channels. The architecture of the Flutter engine is explained in detail in Github Wiki here.

2. Why should you learn flutter?

Cross plate form

I love flutter is because we can build cross-platform apps from a single codebase means you can build apps for android, iOs, Desktop, and Web using a single codebase.

It’s one of the most trending technology nowadays and google started using flutter for many apps.

Reduced Code Development Time

Flutter’s “hot reload” feature, in turn, allows seeing the applied changes almost instantly, without even losing the current application state.

And this is exactly what makes Flutter app development several times faster due to the increased development speed.

Customize Anything

One of the biggest advantages of Flutter is the ability to customize anything you see on the screen, regardless of how complex it may be.

Open Source community and Lots of packages

There are lots of resources available on the internet contributed by the Open Source community.

You can visit a pub. dev for packages and plugins developed and publish by developers.

I have also published my package “Flutter_Insta” to the pub. dev using that you can get details of Instagram users such as profile pic, number of followers. bio, website feed posts.

From where you can learn flutter? (Free & Paid resources)

Youtube channels

One of my Favorite youtube channel MTechViral by Pawan Kumar sir.

Twitter Handles you can follow for daily flutter updates and news










Some Github repos for Flutter Examples and tutorials

Udemy Courses you can buy

(I have purchased this and one of the best-paid course)

If you have any doubt feel free to contact me on instagram.com/coding_Boy_ or twitter.com/MrCoding_Boy.

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