How to create a Telegram bot using java?

Viral Vaghela
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Hello developers, in this post I will explain to you How you can create a telegram bot using java?

Get API Token

So first Go to the telegram and search Bot Father.

Bot father is used to creating a bot, manage existing bots, changes settings, and delete a bot.

You have to enter the of your bot, and it’s always unique. after creating the bot you will get API Token (Do not share this with anyone).

Create a Java Maven Project.

Open your IDE and create a Java Maven project.

in the pom.xml add the java-telegram-bot-API dependency.

Now create a MainClass and inside main() method write following code to create an object of your MyBot class and register it and then create a MyBot.Java

MyBot class will extend TelegramLongPollingBot.

Now you have to implement methods

public void onUpdateReceived(Update update) {


public String getBotUsername() {
return null;

public String getBotToken() {
return null;

Add token and username

Inside getBotUserName( ) replace null with the name of your Bot and paste your token in the return statement of getBotToken( ).Get a message from the Bot

When the user sends a message to the bot, it will receive in the onUpdateReceived( ),

to print the message on the console you can write the following code


How to Send Message to the user?

Create a object of SendMessage

SendMessage sendMessage = new SendMessage();sendMessage.setText("Hii ") 
try {
} catch (TelegramApiException e) {

inside the setText( ), you can write your message. and set Chat ID using setChatID()

execute() will send a message to the user, don’t forget to write this code inside the try-catch block, because it may throw an exception.

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